Sustainability at Baçura

When it comes to sustainability, we don’t have all the answers, but we focus on things that have the biggest impact. These are our three main focus areas:

Product, People, Planet


It starts with the material because it has the biggest environmental impact. We ensure that every component in our product (even the sewing threads) has its origin from the earth so that it's 100% compostable.

Everything is made to your size and height to give you the best fit possible. No more alterations just because the hem is too long or short for you. By offering better fitting clothes, we hope that you cherish the clothes even longer.


Of the CEOs who lead the companies that make up the 2018 Fortune 500 list, just 24 are women. We want to change that, so part of our profits go towards supporting women to ensure that one day, they can become a future #girlboss


Trees are important for capturing CO2, which help cool down the increasing temperatures due to depletion of resources and industrial pollution. Part of our profits also help fund native reforestation projects.

We measure the environmental impact by looking at how much resources it would typically require to produce each garment (view this in the product page). The impact can be broken down into five categories; carbon emissions, land use, water use, water pollution, number of animals. We try to use materials that have the lowest impact and we don't use anything that has animal products in it, ever. We’re always on the hunt for the next best thing so the materials we're using for now, is a pathway to something even better.


Clothing is a representation of how we want people to view ourselves. We still want to look good, but we want to support rather than take away from others. People are often disconnected with the realities which are outside of their awareness. That’s why transparency is so important and measuring impact is the key to inspiring action. View the impact of fashion here.