Our Fabrics


Lightweight, breathable and becomes softer over time. Does not use pesticides.

Organic Cotton

Crowd-pleaser. Better than conventional cotton as it uses 71% less water and emits 46% fewer carbon emissions.

Recycled Fabric

Saves textiles ending up in landfills. We repurpose things and make them cool.


Arguably the most sustainable fabric in the world. Zero water pollution.

*tencel products coming soon.

We always start with fabric

We pick fabrics that look good and have the least impact as possible. For the first time ever, we're showing the impact of raw material for every product. This is important because knowing our impact, shapes how we see the world and helps us make better decisions. We're always looking for the best materials in the world. The fabrics we're using for now are stepping stones to innovative sustainable materials for the future.

Fabrics we do not use

 anything that comes from animals
This impacts animal rights issues and requires agricultural farming which causes deforestation. The dyeing process is also a major polluter which affects the environment and the health of craft workers.

anything synthetic
Synthetic fibres make up about 60% of the material that makes up clothing worldwide. These textiles are made from petrochemicals and fossil fuels, and manufacturing them requires lots of water and energy. They are also forms of plastic which can take 1000 years to biodegrade.

anything that doesn’t come from the earth
We stand by our mission to make a circular economy a reality. This means only using materials that can safely biodegrade back into the environment.

That means no to fabrics like...
⤬ Polyester
⤬ Nylon
⤬ Spandex
⤬ Elastane
⤬ Acrylic

Find out how many litres of water it takes to produce each garment here.

Get an overview of the impact across a selection of materials here.