Why is your brand called "Baçura"?
The name came from the Spanish word basura, which means waste. To give a twist to this word, the [s] was replaced with the [ç] cedilla, which changes the appearance of the word yet still maintains the sound it originated from. The name toys with the idea of waste. Our goal is to disrupt the world view of what it really means and to eliminate the concept of waste, by seeing it as fuel for something else, rather than the end stage of a product.

How do you pronounce "Baçura"?
Ba - soo- ra

Where do I find care instructions?
Scan the QR code on your garment using your iPhone camera or Android app. A web page should load with information about the garment, as well as how to care for it.

How long will my order take to arrive?
  • Australia, around 2 weeks
  • New Zealand, around 3 weeks
  • Rest of the world, around 4 weeks
    All our products are made to order from our Melbourne studio. Check our delivery page for more info.

    How do I get the right fit?
    Simply input your size and height when you add to cart. Once we receive your order, we cut and hand-assemble each piece. Every garment is custom-made to your measurements from the very start, so you don't have to worry about paying more for alterations later on. That's right, we're making it easier for you to look good since we take your height into account, which is more than the standard industry sizing.

    How do you type a [ç] cedilla?
    • On a PC: ALT + 0199 (Ç) or ALT + 0231 (ç)
    • On a Mac: OPTION + C
    • In HTML:  ç 

    How do I join your mission?
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    • Join the conversation: Like & share us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram. Use #wearbacura
    • Donate: Help plant trees and empower women to become future #girlbosses - Of the CEOs who lead the companies that make up the Fortune 500 list, just 24 are women
    • Tell your friends: We believe in a grassroots movement to change the status quo. The best way to let the world know about our mission is through you

      If you've got any questions you reach us via our contact form or email us directly info@wearbacura.com