Design Approach

The first capsule in the world that is 100% compostable.

It wasn’t easy but we think it’s worth it. By spearheading this approach, we encountered many obstacles in terms of materials we can and can't use, as well as obstacles for designing each product. Everything that exists should have a purpose and should be truly valued by the wearer.

We see limitations, not as barriers, but as opportunities to find innovative ways to achieve something. Our design approach can be broken down into four main pillars:

#1 Designed to fit
We use more data points than the standard industry sizing. We do this by taking your height measurement into account when we custom-make your order. It's important we do this, as we want your garment to fit perfectly on you.

#2 Knowledge is power
We believe that transparency is important to help bridge the gap between what we know and what we should know. We've researched into the environmental impact of materials and we're not hiding it (no matter how shocking it may seem). We want to keep you informed because every purchase we make casts a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.

#3 Never go out of style
We believe in designs that stand the test of time so we've implemented circular design principles to create a closed loop product offering. Each product is made with supreme quality, and the best fabrics in the world. Everything is designed to be connected so each clothing can be styled season to season, year to year and story to story.

#4 Sustainability at every step
When we say we want to eliminate the concept of waste, we mean it. When you're done with your clothes, you can compost it or we take them back to re-purpose the trims that can still be used. For the materials that can't be re-used? We save every scrap, because they are tomorrow's raw materials. Damaged garments are re-fabricated into new fabric. These are one of the many solutions we've created to make our vision of a circular economy, a reality.

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