We exist to do good things.

How it started

Baçura was founded by Samantha Doctora. Initially a passion project, Baçura was conceived to give clothing a new sense of purpose and rebel against the globally flawed way of making clothes.

Ever since a young age, Samantha has developed a desire to physically manifest her creativity into clothing, which led her to study fashion design at University. During her studies, Samantha worked for various fashion brands and began to question the sustainability of it all. This led to a rabbit hole of questions like... What is the impact of fashion? Why is there so much clothes? How is it possible that a shirt only costs $10?

In the end, she concluded that the fashion industry was broken. So, after some time of being frustrated at the industry and soul searching, she decided that it was time to offer the world a better solution - a brand that represents the future of fashion. And thus, Baçura was born.

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Core values

Simplify and go
Tell it like it is. Make it easy to understand and get things done, then optimise towards ideals.

Work smarter, not harder
Leverage technology and collaborate through collective genius to find solutions.

Make the best products
100% compostable, always. We see limitations as design opportunities to create products that look good and don't harm the earth.

Don't leave anyone behind

Maintain a balanced system on a global and local scale. Everything is driven through sustainability.

Innovate through experimentation

Let good ideas happen, they deserve a chance to grow.

Put yourself in their shoes

Always talk to people and seek diverse perspectives. Resonate with every person on the planet by delighting at every touch point.

Focus on results
Start by knowing the impact, then have SMART goals to work towards.

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